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Vine can help your company get its six second message across

hastags are a small, yet important, part of social media marketing. more often than not, it determines wether or not your content gets seen depending on your social platform. or, in some other cases, it can reach out to many different groups of people all over the world. nonetheless, all marketers must learn how to do this and do it well. enjoy!

my answer on Quora to a Social Media Marketing question. check it out! And if your not on Quora, then you are missing out!



In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, new platforms and opportunities to reach customers emerge on a regular basis. When Twitter launched the Vine App last week, Twitter entered and, to an extent, legitimized the growing fray of video sharing applications (see end of post…

This is a prime opportunity for company’s and marketers to take advantage of this program. Vine adds a different dimension where you can communicate directly with the consumer in a short, 6 sec video and if well executed, will leave them wanting more

(via thenextweb)