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Trouble in paradise. Google seems to be having some trouble with Samsung, something that could be costly if they are trying to collectively take down Apple.

My take on The Onions PR disaster on Twitter



This articles introduces main SEO tips for beginners. Following search engine optimization tips will help you in successful SEO campaigns 

No one is safe. The Social Media hawks will always find you!

hastags are a small, yet important, part of social media marketing. more often than not, it determines wether or not your content gets seen depending on your social platform. or, in some other cases, it can reach out to many different groups of people all over the world. nonetheless, all marketers must learn how to do this and do it well. enjoy!

this supliments my previous blog post. i am in no ways a Google hater, but c’mon! a $1300 laptop that doesnt have enough internal memory to store all of your stuff? pass

my answer on Quora to a Social Media Marketing question. check it out! And if your not on Quora, then you are missing out!

My take on why the Chromebook Pixel would be a waste of time and money

yahoo has come a long way since its change in the corprate level. seems these changes are positive, as nothing but good news has come from the company since.